About ESNE

ESNE is a private university school specialized in design, technology and innovation. Its unique specialization and the exclusive nature of the knowledge taught, makes it a unique center in Spain.


ESNE’s innovative degrees are in compliance with the standards of the Bologna plan from the European Union and certified by the Spanish Ministry of Education body ANECA, responsible for the verification and recognition of higher education programs in Spain.


ESNE has a ten years history of providing higher education official degrees, and more than twenty-five years of providing other higher education certificates and diplomas. ESNE has earned the classification from Pearson as the Spanish Centre of Excellence. ESNE is a member of the Sony Playstation Firt Advisory Board, an academic program which aims at preparing the next generation of game creators and designers.

ESNE is an Experience Center for Microsoft, where key products from Redmond are showcased. ESNE is driving the Spanish Design Observatory which led the first study about the economic impact of design in Spanish GDP.


ESNE is leading the knowledge transfer in the game and animation industries, with two monthly programs: the Madrid Game Conference, a four years old program that has generated over 30 events with more than 50 keynote speakers, and the Madrid Animation Conference, created this year to replicate the results towards the animation industry.

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