How to participate?

Ways of participating

In order to take part in the Conference, there are three modalities on demand:

  • Participants with Communication
  • Participants without Communication
  • Scholars
    The Organization will a significant quota of award scholarship grants for students, appropriate in relation to the number of participant.

Application fees

Registration and payment of fees will be absolutely necessary for attending any of the Conference Events:

  • 100 € for participants with and without communication
  • 60 € for ESNE’s teaching staff, students and partners of Icono 14.

Furthermore, the registration gives the right to:

  • Attending or collaborating in all the academic events held for the participants.
  • Receiving conference material, aswell as the book published in the wake of it.
  • Certificate of Assistance (providing satisfactory proof for it).

Payment of the registration fee will take place in:

  • ESNE – I Congreso ADDVJ
  • IBAN: ES97 0049 5117 27 2216169731
    Remarking : I Congreso ADDVJ + participant’s name

About communications

Download the example of the communication and its rules on publication (Spanish only):

All communications approved by the Scientific Committee will be profiled in an unique publication as chapters of a book edited by Editorial ESNE.

It is necessary to assist and defence the communication in order to obtain Diplomas for the participants and get published in the above mentioned book.

Payment will be made for author, not for communication. The maximum number of shipping done by an author is 2 contributions. Similarly, participants are informed that communications with more than 5 authors won’t be accepted.

No communication shall be published until total payment has been made from the communications authors.

This year, europeans and Latin American researcher who can’t move in person at the Conference venue will have the chance to defend their communication synchronously online using Google Hangouts.

Click here to send the abstract of your communication